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You're feeling stuck because you're not living the life you've always imagined.

Welcome to Mindful Heart Coaching!

I am beyond thrilled you have found yourself here.   It’s my life’s passion to encourage and support individuals to live an inspired and fulfilling life. I can guarantee that through working together you will feel stronger, more motivated, and happier in your life. Together we will work to devise weekly plans to move you in the direction you envision yourself being. Simple as that! I look forward to hearing from you.



About Coaching


How does coaching work

Coaching happens over the phone. Once a week or every other week.  Coaching is an action oriented process. Focusing on small steps vs overwhelming big steps. We start slowly, chipping away at your goals and aspirations.  Together we develop new habits that can serve you for the rest of your life. 

What sort of things do you work on?



Managing stress.




Lack of purpose


Time Management


Feelings of being stuck.


Conflict resolution.


 If there is something particular you don’t see on this list. Ask me, I’m sure it is probably something we could work on together

Is Coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching is not therapy.  I’m not asking anyone to dive into his or her deepest darkest issues. Just take a small step towards working on whatever you think might be holding you back from things you want in life. 

Do I need a coach?

Are any of these statements true for you? 

-I feel stuck in my life. 

-I know the life I should be living,  but for some reason I'm not. 

-I feel really lost. 

-I'm bored in my life. 

-I envisioned so much more for myself. 

-I lack confidence to really go for what I want. 

-I just want to be happy. 

If you said yes to any,  or all of these statements a coach will really help you make the changes you really desire. 

About me!

I was in funk, and I was tired of sitting around and wallowing in my funkiness. I wanted to find the solution to my un- happiness. I wanted to see hope, and help others see hope again.  I was sick of feeling stuck. I became an ICF Certified Coach from The Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching. It changed my life. Not only do I get to work with incredibly inspiring individuals daily, but it has helped me know how to nurture and care for my own creative soul. Coaching rocks! I hope you’ll take the plunge, it’s worth it! Let me be your ear, your cheerleader, and your life advocate. As your coach I will support, push and encourage you on your path. Together we will clean out whatever chaos is blocking you from leading your very best life.



John, Student, 30

Rachel was recommended to me by my sister who had success working with Rachel previously. My sister had saw me struggling with finding what I had thought to be happiness and success and thought that I could use assistance in feeling unstuck and getting back into the positive mindset that had been absent. 

When starting work with Rachel, I had my doubts on how effective her services would be, and I was reluctant to share my thoughts at first. Quickly, I grew more open to the experience partly because Rachel is easy to talk to, listens well, and responds intelligently, but mostly because I quickly saw positive change in myself that made me want to dive deeper in conversation to perhaps accelerate the process and achieve more and to greater extent. 

Rachel was able to help me to organize my thoughts and emotions and helped me to structure routines that eliminated stress from my life while pushing me to achieve goals I had wanted for myself and to form new ones. Having a second person to hold you accountable to goals you set for yourself is a powerful tool that I highly underestimated. 

When Rachel first met me I was working a job that I hated and was scared to make any changes toward a new lifestyle that was less stressful and more rewarding. Returning to college seemed out of reach and I doubted that I could obtain the grades required. I have since left that job and have returned to community college, where I was able to turn a failing GPA around into one that was desirable to be transferred to a 4-year institution where I am currently enrolled, studying something that I am highly passionate about. I have a 4.0 GPA at my current institution. 

I feel very optimistic for my future and am very thankful for having the opportunity to work with Rachel. I cherish our friendship and look forward to working with her in the future.

Tim, Executive Director, 38

It was recommended through a mutual friend to seek Rachel's coaching out and give it a try. The single best decision I have come to over this past year! Do not miss out on this woman's extraordinary empathy, intuitive insights, and superlative support. The manner by which she elicits the best version of me, week after week, challenging me to discover new depths and empowering me to reach beyond myself, surpasses all material value. The impression she has left upon my life shall be carried with me in all the successes my path now moves towards. 

Sophie, Artist, 33

Working with Rachel was an incredibly clarifying process, one which allowed me to find my ultimate truths. Her warm & gentle manner was part friend, part positive reinforcer, 100% professional & always wonderfully supportive. I have seen my life turn many remarkable corners since coaching with Rachel. My recommendation comes very highly.

Julie, Actress, 23

When I started with Rachel, I had no idea what a life coach was. I chose to reach out to her because I was feeling like I had lost touch with my confidence and my motivation to turn my dreams and goals into reality. After my first meeting with Rachel I began to feel hopeful. I started to notice a great change in my life after only a few weeks of meeting with Rachel. She encouraged me and held me accountable in the most sincere and gentle way. That was the exact type of accountability that I needed. 

Today, I feel like my connection with myself is better than it has been in a long time. I am more social, I am more motivated and fearless in my career, and I am able to identify when I may be retreating back to my anxious tendencies. Because of Rachel, I now know what to do when I start to feel that way. I find comfort in knowing that Rachel is always there to talk and that it's okay to ask for help and a little push in the right direction. 

I can't thank Rachel enough for all of her kind words, insight and encouragement. She has had a profound impact on how I choose to live my life. She is a life coach but she is also one of the kindest compassionate people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I hope to be the kind of person she is one day! 

Mary, Retired, 65

Rachel Reid was my first experience with a life coach and, though conducted over the phone and at a distance, with me being in Australia, I have been surprised and delighted with the positive effects of our contact over a 5 week period. 

Rachel demonstrated an ability to 'hear' what I was saying or not saying, and affirming my positive aspects, whilst  gently guiding me to prioritise and deal with matters to achieve my goals each week.  Effective strategies to organise my life were decided upon and small incremental steps became a painless way of achieving significant gains  - and these simple tools are what I can take forward into my daily life.

Thank you Rachel - as I clamber confidently over the stumbling blocks in my life I'll have you to thank.

Alex, Teacher, 28

Rachel helped me identify the sum of who I am and how that plays into my professional / personal / relationship life. I intended to work on my professional self but instead have a better grasp on my personal life and the areas that needed work. With this, all areas of my life have shifted for the better and I now believe you have to have a strong and content sense of self for all parts of your life to work together.

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